Would you like to learn how to draw or paint more effectively? Are there images/designs just waiting for you to express them on paper or canvas?

We all want continued creative growth in our lives. Seize the moment with virtual (for now) and (eventually) in-person instruction.

Yvonne Brune has taught for years at Iowa State University. She also has led a creative design consortium for years. Her instruction style is calm and supportive: She sets artists of all capability levels up for success. Whether you are interested in drawing (pencil, ink or charcoal), multimedia or painting with watercolor, pastels or acrylics, Yvonne will focus on you one on one.

Call (+1) 515-991-5619 or email ybrune@creativeDepartment.biz today to schedule online instruction!

It does not matter where you live in the world: All are welcome!