Fellow Travelers Performance Group Backcountry Geezer
Fellow Travelers Performance Group
Back Country Geezer


DESSIN FOURNIR Wells Fargo Card John Deere Credit

Midwest designer photo direction on-site
at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL.
Developed new internal sales and marketing tool kit. Great Alaskan travel box- developed as dealer retention tool, reference of award winning dealer excellence


Jeppesen F & M Bank

Business product represented with client testimonial for corporate annual catalog.



Stacked money watercolor illustration.


Creative Department: new logo for CIty of Clive

Creative Department: new logo design
Clive Public Arts HOTARTHOUSE Creative Logo

City of Clive new branding logo – participated as a representative for the public arts commission. Logo design for international not-for-profit. Creative Department logo design, produced in-house.


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