Posted by on June 27, 2017

Get your “game on”

The summer months tend to push the best laid plans aside, and let the campaign ride. That’s a tactical error. Smart marketers pull the team together to review the first half of the strategically laid out plan and determine if it is on track. If it is not on track, they make changes to achieve the end goals. This summer review will avoid a summer slump in sales and outreach. Include the sales and marketing team in this review to make it valid.

Once you’ve determined if your plan is on track, be vigilant in achieving each mile marker set in the plan this summer. It is easy to let it slip, and the attempt to bring home the winning plan forces rushed marketing efforts at the end of the year. That typically will not bring sales into the last quarter of your cycle. The key is the pounding drum: With all of the noise your audience hears daily, you have to be constantly in front of them to become top of mind.

Enjoy the summer months, but don’t let the slump kick you at the end of your well-planned marketing year. It may be time for a fresh look, or perhaps bringing in a consulting group that can infuse a three-point shot to win the marketing game.

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