Posted by on June 20, 2017

Who is second to none?

The Customer is No. 1, right?

Absolutely. But in your company hierarchy, who comes next? Your shareholders? Your top management? Think again, in this tight hiring environment, who is your bread and butter? It’s your team members.

Just talk to any hiring manager who knows the worth of every single person on your staff. You will be amazed at what it takes to bring someone on board, the training and the knowledge they hold that is the core wealth of your business.

That being said, would it not be wise to ensure that every team member is engaged, inspired and passionate about what they are accomplishing on a daily basis?

Don’t wait until the 1-year, 5-year or 10-year anniversary to say “GREAT JOB.” Find constant ways to display appreciation for and pride in what they do. This can be achieved by sending specific eCard communications and personal hand-written notes, as well as by giving the highly regarded team a special treat or just saying a kind word in the hall. These things will help grow your business.

Positive words, and not the Monday Morning Sales Report with the same results of brow beating and lack of support, will make your business thrive. Negativity breeds negativity. So look internally at ways to promote passion, excitement and compelling reasons to celebrate everyday achievements.


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