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Determining your USP is the core
of your existence as a business.

What is your WHY?

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is the “shiny object” of your business. So what makes you shine? How are you special and different from the competition—in the hearts and minds of your target audience? Why do you exist? Why would someone look to you for advice or product that makes their lives easier, happier, healthier or just better in every way.

In the current market, your business success rests on WHY you are different.

Why are you the best? Why does a customer/client want to connect with you? When you have answered this question with a product or service that stands out from your competitors, or if you are presenting something totally new to the world like the iPhone, Facebook or an autonomous vehicle, why should the world care?

Your answer to WHY hinges on every communication piece you create. And it must be coordinated with what you present to the world in print, web/digital, social media and other cloud-based efforts. This consolidated effort will reinforce your WHY and keep your company top of mind in your target market.

Clearly defining your Unique Selling Point—and the most effective ways to present it to the world—is easy! We can help you answer your WHYS.

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